It has never been about which music you play, where you are from or where you’ve been- it has always been about if you touch people or not. Baskery is a band built on what three people can do together. The music is not to be confused with country/bluegrass just from looking at the instruments. Baskery is not bound to any genre and wants to keep it that way.

It’s all there in the live act, cause it is real. The three sisters of Baskery can’t recall when or why they started playing, it has always just been there, as an occupation, as a distraction and mostly, as a conviction. “Performing live has become the most natural thing to us”.

In their late teens the sisters joined forces with their dad, who since decades was a one-man-band who played old blues and country songs for a living, and got introduced to the music business in a quite unglamourous way. “We played cover songs for drunk people, but we never played songs we didn’t like just to please the crowd”. This foundation of early “roots music and Americana” settled in their hearts, but also awoke the urge of breaking the rules of traditional music. Baskery is all about turning the music on its head, blending the straightforwardness of punk with the subtlety of singer/songwriting.

Baskery is back with their new full length album, “New Friends”, ten songs partly delivered on the road. It’s been over two years since the release of debut album “Fall Among Thieves”, an album that received great acclaims from the press all over Europe. It wasn’t lack of inspiration that delayed the second album. The only hard thing about writing and recording album no. 2 was, according to the band, finding the time. “Our first album served us well. We’ve been constantly touring the last couple of years and we don’t hesitate to go where we’re requested. Yet, we came to a point when we started craving new songs and “New Friends” is the result of that.”

The foundation of the songs were recorded more or less live in two studios in Sweden whilst most of the vocals were recorded on the road, on different locations. “We brought a computer and condenser mics with us on tour and padded hotel rooms with mattresses and bed spreads.” The songs were then brought to Berlin, where the band teamed up with awesome mixer Peter “BlackPete” Schmidt (Depeche mode, Joe Jackson, Beatsteaks) and Simon Beizai.

The album delivers new sounds from Baskery, still keeping the intensity and live vibe, but it’s slightly darker and more mature sounding than “Fall Among Thieves”. “Not because we’ve been in a dark place lately, we just decided to listen more to that side of ours this time.”

Baskery has successfully toured all over the world, performing at festivals such as Glastonbury (UK), Woodford (AUS), SXSW (US), Calgary Folk (CAN), Lowlands (NL), Azkena Rock (ES), Storsjoeyran (SWE), Bergen Fest (NOR), Toender (DK) and many more.

2011 will be about releasing the new album and touring across the globe. First destination of the spring is Austin, TX, where the band will make a number of appearances at SXSW.