Esteban Antonio

Esteban Antonio has been described as “ingenious, one of the greatest guitarists of our century” (Observer), “a phenomenon of the guitar” (El Pais, Spain), a protégé of the Royal College of Music as a scholarship student aged 9, by the time he was 11 was acclaimed as the youngest guitarist to perform the ‘CONCIERTO DE ARANJUEZ’ by Rodrigo, he has toured extensively including a 40 date concert tour in Japan, throughout Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, USA + Canada; has composed music for film “The Last Serious Thing” (Michael Haussman) + “The Unicyclist” (Mary Soan); had a cameo role in “Chocolat” appearing with Johnny Depp; worked with Juan Paredes and Jose Ortega from Cristina Hoyos Dance Company and has collaborated on various musical + theatrical projects both solo and with other instrumentalists, concert pianists + composers.

Esteban has played classical guitar and flamenco guitar in parallel throughout his career and has evolved his own style and compositions which has culminated in the birth of a new instrument created and designed by Esteban – The Ha-Shem

“I wanted to create an instrument that has not evolved from a particular ‘culture’ or type of music, as for example the guitars evolution into flamenco, but an instrument that transcends cultures and in so doing gives birth to a completely new sound– this is the classical guitar of the 21st Century! I have evolved a new style of playing by using new tuning and compositional strategies; I wanted to bring surrealism into the art of flamenco/classical acoustic performance of this instrument.”

“I think the Ha-Shem, an instrument of Esteban’s own invention, is a major revolution in the advancement of the guitar since 1880, combining plucked and bowing techniques, and so opening up all sorts of new creative possibilities.” Carlos Bonell, October 2010

The Ha-Shem was designed by Esteban and built by Kif Wood.